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Best free antivirus software and antivirus software reviews

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spyware Glossary from aladdin.com

This term refers to various programs that might generally be regarded as undesirable. This includes various applications that cause a load on network traffic or are inappropriate in a corporate environment. Some grayware introduce significant security risks to the system while others are downright malicious. Some may consider these applications as beneficial; therefore viruses, Trojans and worms are not included under this classification. However, adware, peer to peer applications as well as various browser helper objects and search redirectors are considered grayware.
Adware are the predecessors of spyware. They are less pervasive, do not collect data about the user and do not contain any malicious code. However, they still need to download new advertisements and, as a result, cause unwanted network load. Like spyware, adware may cause potential conflicts with existing corporate software.
BHOs or Browser Helper Objects are add-on toolbars, buttons and menu items that can be installed onto a browser, typically Internet Explorer. While not necessarily malicious in nature, these add-ons may create system load and/or excessive network traffic. Since they are usually installed by the user and not by the system administrator, such applications may also clash with other applications.
Browser Hijacker
Browser Hijackers are malicious BHOs (Browser Helper Objects) which contain spyware components. These specifically target web browsers and take over some of their basic functions. A typical hijacked browser will have its homepage set to a specific location and the malicious program will prevent the user from changing it. It may also create an additional toolbar in the browser and redirect searches made by the user to one of many advertising websites. Since this aggressive behavior is not supported by the browser, it may limit its functionality. Like other types of spyware, a browser hijacker may also be responsible for excessive load on network traffic and for general stability issues.
Drive-By Spyware
Drive-By Spyware are automated Spyware installation attempts made by certain websites, often by exploiting known vulnerabilities.
Hacking Tools
Hacking tools are designed to simplify the process of illegal intrusion into computer systems or for information collection. Some are referred to as ‘Network Tools’ for administrators. These tools often exploit known vulnerabilities present in many un-patched machines in order to get installed.
Instant Messengers (IM)
Instant messengers such as ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger have become very popular in recent years and in many cases are also legitimate for business use. However, IMs can be a security threat or be used for non-productive or non-work related activity. IMs allow file transfers which may contain malicious code, and can be used for file sharing and transfers that may contain pirated and confidential content.
Keyloggers are malicious applications that secretly monitor everything typed by the user, save this information to a log file and make this file available to a hacker usually by sending it to a specific location. Anything and everything a user types can be logged by a keylogger. Log files often contain confidential information such as usernames and passwords, credit card information, bank account details and even entire documents.
Peer to Peer (P2P)
P2P applications have gained immense popularity over the Internet in the past few years. Applications such as KaZaA, iMesh, Gnutella, eDonkey and others, expose the organization to malicious code, can create security risks by exposing confidential information, and enable distribution of copyright protected material. In addition, these applications also enable installation of unauthorized and pirated software, and enable distribution of inappropriate and non-productive content (some content shared over P2P networks include soft to hard pornography, drug, violence and terrorism related materials).
Protocol Enforcement
Some applications disguise forbidden traffic as legitimate traffic over accepted ports, and establish connections with and transfer traffic to remote servers.This means that traffic will not be inspected, resulting in security gaps.
Remote Control
Remote management tools enable users to connect to outside machines and in this way establish an unauthorized and uninspected connections.
Rogue anti-spyware applications are programs masquerading as anti-spyware tools. In reality, however, when the user attempts to scan the system for spyware, the application will generate false results and provide a false sense of security. Such applications often collect a wide range of information stored on the user's system, and may also display ads according to the information gathered.
Search Hijacker
Usually an extension of a Browser Hijacker, this component redirects searches made by the user to one of many advertising websites. This can limit or even prevent the user from receiving legitimate search results.
These commercial software applications are installed along with sponsored advertising or various information collection systems. The risks from these applications include the collection of usually unsolicited information, unauthorized traffic, and potential conflicts with existing corporate software. For more information on Spyware see: What is spyware?
Streaming Multimedia
Streaming multimedia utilizes high bandwidth, is often non-work related, and degrades network performance.
Tunneling is an attempt to overcome security settings imposed by the system administrator. The user attempts to transmit one data protocol or session encapsulated in another. This sends false information about the content of the data to the firewall, which in turn may allow the data to be transmitted.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

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