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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vista SP1 Blocks Some Anti-Virus Programs

More Vista flubs from Microsoft are surfacing, this time we are learning that Microsoft's Service Pack One (SP1) has a nasty side-effect of blocking third-party applications from working. More serious is the fact that some of these programs are security apps such as antivirus programs: Zone Alarm Security Suite 7.1, Trend Micro Internet Security 2008, and BitDefender 10.
Microsoft has put together a list of the 12 "programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality when they run on a Windows Vista Service Pack 1-based computer will either."
Problems with Vista SP1 problems started Wednesday when Microsoft pulled an update that would prepare Vista PCs for the SP1 update. Software and hardware compatibility with Vista has also been a nagging issue with users.
Most troubling is that a majority of the incompatible programs are virus detection programs. Windows Vista SP1 will block BitDefender 10, Jaingmin KV Antivirus, Trend Micro Internet Security, and Zone Alarm Security Suite. The Microsoft support page does state that a compatible version of all of these programs are now available, however older versions will be blocked.
Programs that will either not run or lose functionality include Iron Speed Designer, Xheo Licensing, Free Allegiance, NYT Reader, Rising Personal Firewall, and Novell ZCM Agent. Microsoft's support page also provides links to each program's support page so that if you experience any problems there is a source for help.
This is not the open invitation to embrace Vista that many Windows users were hoping and expecting. The fact that Windows Vista SP1 has compatibility issues with security programs that will help keep my PC running smoothly is a very worrying prospect.
Hopefully some good news will come out about SP1 before it becomes readily available mid-March. Otherwise I don’t see a switch from XP to Vista in many people's futures.

From http://blogs.pcworld.com/staffblog/archives/006533.html

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